Anthony Joseph LLP,

15940 State Route 821, Elba, OH 45746
Welcome to Anthony Joseph LLP, The Finest Heirlooms In the World
13th December 2017

Anthony Joseph LLP,

15940 State Route 821, Elba, OH 45746

About Us

The Finest Heirlooms In the World

Welcome to Anthony Joseph LLP, where we are creating the most distinguished heirlooms in the world. These heirlooms are being created in the form of one-of-a-kind chess sets. Our custom, hand-crafted chess sets are engineering marvels, manufactured to precise specifications with some of the most magnificent components known to man.

Our stunning sets are made with gold and exotic woods, a combination that makes them unique among luxury game sets. The chess pieces are made from 14-carat gold and gemstones of the highest quality. Beautifully complementing the chess pieces are chess boards crafted from rare and exotic woods.

The extraordinary effort expended by the best craftsmen in America in creating these masterpieces is why only a limited edition of 10 chess sets of this particular series will be created. Each set takes approximately three to four months to assemble and includes an identification serial number on the chessboard, authenticating the exclusiveness of the set.

Our Distinct Signature

We go to great lengths in creating a chess set series that will serve as a personal treasure, passed down for
future generations to appreciate and marvel. Clients who purchase one of our distinctive marvels can be assured of the following:

Limited edition – Our series consist of 10 limited edition chess sets, with each different than the rest. The gemstones are set differently in every set, making them all completely original.

Superior craftsmanship – All of our chess sets are created by artistic individuals with special talents.

Elaborate chess pieces – Our pieces are cast from hand-crafted waxes and crafted with 14K white gold on
one side and 14K yellow gold on the other. The pieces are ornamented with precious stones, diamonds,
emeralds, rubies, and sapphires to give them a look of opulence like no other.

Sophisticated chess board – The chess board is hand-crafted with rich, exotic woods, with sliding draws on
both sides that house the chess pieces when not in use. The 2-inch colored, marbled squares are in-laid with
14K gold.

Designed for the masses – Our unique chess sets are manufactured to please clients from all walks of life
from all over the world.

Inspected – All heirlooms undergo a rigorous evaluation and inspection before leaving our facility.


Designing, creating and manufacturing our one-of-a-kind heirlooms is a tedious and time-consuming task, one that involves precision teamwork among company management and collaborators. We go to great pains to ensure that all details of each set are coordinated and completed through  our master artists.

We take great pride in utilizing the services of talented artists, who are among the finest master craftsmen in America. It is with their hands and knowledge that they create a one-of-a-kind Anthony Joseph heirloom, giving the buyer special ownership of one of the most beautifully-created pieces of art in the world.

A Great Investment For All

If you are an avid chess player looking for a priceless, one-of-a-kind set, you can be rest assured that you won’t find a limited edition chess set like the one available at the Anthony Joseph Company.

With the price of gold on the rise, the Anthony Joseph chess sets are a great investment for all. Additionally, the fact that we are manufacturing a limited edition, custom-made series assures that it will appreciate in value over time. Furthermore, our sets become treasures for buyers, making their value even greater.

The few who decide to purchase one of our magnificent sets will spend endless hours playing a game with the finest pieces in the world.