Anthony Joseph LLP,

15940 State Route 821, Elba, OH 45746
Welcome to Anthony Joseph LLP, The Finest Heirlooms In the World
21st October 2017

Anthony Joseph LLP,

15940 State Route 821, Elba, OH 45746

The Group

We take great pride in utilizing the services of talented artists, who are among the finest master craftsmen in America. It is with their hands and knowledge that they create a one-of-a-kind Anthony Joseph heirloom, giving the buyer special ownership of one of the most beautifully-created pieces of art in the world.


George Esparza


The founder of the company is George Esparza. He has had a wide variety of business ventures. He has owned, operated and offered restaurants to the general public by way of frenchising has years. He is a true enterpreneuer who has desided to change directions and pursue a personal dream.
For many years it has been, his dream to create luxury chess sets. Today, that dream is on the brink of reality. He will participate with the company in the capacity of a limited consultant.


Joseph Esparza


Joseph will take the forefront and oversee all aspects of the comapny, assuring the products excel in quality. He will schedule the time frame for the production of a new series. Additionally, he may authorize the introduction of totally unique heirloom products.
Planning, developing and participating in joint ventures with worldwide distribution, shall be the direct responsibility of his office. He has been entrusted with the role of strategically planning the company’s future.


Anna Pries

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Anna will have huge responsibility of making sure the comapny management team is operating at its maximum capacity. She will be assigned to various task from time to time, but basically will be involved in all functions of the comapny.
She will communicate with potential buyers, make arrangments for payments and the delivery of the products are delivered on time and at the time they are promised.