About Blue-soul

Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a professional marine environment protection company that focuses on research and delivery technical services to our clients, is the first Chinese enterprise got awarded British Lloyd’s Register Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Machinery General Design Appraisal.

Shanghai Bluesoul got professional design team: talented members with subject matter knowledge, strong design ability & rich engineering experience; to provide complete ship exhaust gas treatment solutions and personalised services to users. Shanghai Bluesoul explicit promise is ‘minimize the ship operation cost’.

Bluesoul’s scrubbing technology is highly sophisticated, the results of 10 years perfecting it to make as clean and cost effective as it is today.  We offer an all-in-one solution that cools gases and removes sulphur at the same time. Additionally, our system got zero backpressure.

This means low maintenance. Our system also contains real-time remote monitoring modules which makes operation management much easier for ship owners.

Shanghai Bluesoul- To be the leading ship exhaust treatment solution provider.