EGCS (Exhaust Gas Cleaning System) with heavy fuel resources, to improve the pollution of the ship’s sulfur emissions,to make a significant reduction in fuel costs (the cost of shipping operations).


It is the key technology in the research direction of shipbuilding industry energy saving and emission reduction to effectively solve the fuel cost promotion and reach the sulfur EMI


I  Innovative technology and new equipment

1.Compatible technology of tail gas desulphurization system and ship power equipment supporting technology;

2.Special ship with high efficiency and low resistance gas desulfurization process;

3. Harmless treatment technology of ship exhaust gas desulfurization wastewater;

4. Tail gas desulfurization system and ship power device compatible technology.


The sodium alkali method  seawater method (or fresh water) marine tail gas washing desulfurization ensures that the SO2 content in the exhaust gas is equivalent to or less than 0.1% of the sulfur content in the fuel oil the SO2 content of the tail gas after burning. After treatment, the water quality indexes of the treated wastewater all meet the requirements of MEPC.184 IMO (59). Meet the technical specifications and meet the safety and stable operation of marine main and auxiliary engines and fuel oil boilers.


The patent group of independently forming the marine gas desulfurization system, breakthroughs technology in the domestic blank; The comprehensive performance index of the system desulfurization equipment is in the international advanced level; Part of the key indicators reaches the international leading level.


Product technical superiority

Sodium alkali Method (seawater or freshwater) ship exhaust washing desulfurization device is with a simple system, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, high desulfurization efficiency,compact structure, small volume, low energy consumption, equipment and has a good performance of acid and alkali and salt corrosion. It is suitable for all burning high sulfur fuel to generate the set of exhaust gas, no two pollutions, the whole equipment is less investment and low operation cost.

The exhaust flue resistance of the washing system is weak, and the influence of the diesel engine back pressure is small, which is suitable for all conditions of the ship diesel engine.