Your Investing Success Depends on You

No one cares more about your money and investments than you. You’ve worked hard for your money.

Now is the time to work hard to invest your monies wisely. Dedicate time to learn about investment options and do not under estimate the time required for this commitment.

Let the DIY Investment Letter assist you in this effort.

Principles of Investing


Commit to spend at least one hour per month evaluating your portfolio investments and strategy.


Know and understand your investment options. Be familiar with low cost options that provide exceptional performance over the long term.

Risk Management

Define your personal risk profile and understand the implications of investing in securities. It is your responsibility to do due diligence for all investment options presented to you.

Investment Success Requires Discipline

Successful investing is not a one time event but an evolutionary process. Discipline yourself to spend the  required time each month to evaluate your             investments and your investment options

Consistent Performance

Strive for performance over the long term. Avoid investment gimmicks and get rich quick schemes. Develop a strategy and plan to deliver consistent             performance.


Diversify your portfolio to manage investment risk.  Select a suite of investments that reflect your investment style and risk profile.

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