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We share your concern about the need for effective project communication. Our project communication strategy is all about imbibing transparency in work.

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Project Communication Strategy

Communication undoubtedly is one of the most important aspects of every project. Success in organizational endeavors and knowledge management is to a great extent, depends on how seamless and effective the communication between resources has been during the entire project.

We have worked in various cohorts with several overseas clients. We understand the need to have a schedule of work that is flexible and that falls in line with our clients. Here below are the major highlights of our multi-pronged project communication strategy:


Project Analysis

We always prefer to first discuss the project plan and requirement with our clients. Once that is done, we then plan the next stage of initial development. The project SRS is then forwarded to our development team, after which prospects like detailed analysis, fact finding, research, and workflow are streamlined.


Work Allocation

In the following stage, a piece of work is assigned to the team members in line with the requirements of the project and the individual specialization of members of our team. Team details including information especially about the project managers and team leaders are shared with our clients as this enables them to communicate with them directly


Multiple Means, Single Point Communication

Concise and effective client interaction is always ensured at Horizon Info Solutions through single point communication. But if at all, the need arises, clients can definitely opt to contact specific members of the team directly via Email, Skype or Phone.


Documentation & Strategy

The documentation and strategy of work are subjective to the projects we handle. Once the blueprint is ready, we will document the details of the complete project and it can be accessed for easy reference.


Privacy & Security

At Horizon Info Solutions, we attach the highest importance to the privacy and secrecy of project details that you share with us during communication. As members of the Horizon team, we are bound by contract to observe confidentiality with such information.


Online Project Management

In a bid to improve efficiency among team members and to ensure sustained coordination among the entire crew of team members, team leaders, project managers, and clients, we use the software titled "My Project Desk".


Effective Online Interface

Resolution of issues is not only important but paramount in ensuring that a project reaches its completion. For any issues that occur during the project, we adopt a combination of interactive process and escalation procedures to ensure that they do not hinder the overall progress of the project.


Weekly/ Fortnightly Reviews

Quality maintenance at Horizon has been subject to regular reviews, ever since we first set foot in the IT industry. Based on the convenience of our clients or requirements of the project, we schedule weekly or fortnightly meetings.

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