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Web prominence holds the greatest key in raising brand awareness to all levels. If you are not doing SEO for your website, you are missing out on a great chance to take your brand to millions. Start optimizing today!

SEO Services

SEO Services

Having a website that represents your business in the cyberspace is just the beginning. After all, designing a website is all about serious investment.

You should have a solid online marketing strategy in order to leverage your website's visibility and enjoy a huge influx of web traffic. Here's why we at Horizon Info Solutions, come in! We have made a big name in search engine optimization and marketing.

We have optimized and promoted numerous websites that represent businesses from varied niches. Horizon offers digital marketing services like branding, brand promotin SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC campaigns, website optimization at cheap & affordable price. We provide 100% results for geo location such like UK, USA, India, Australia, Germany etc.

We devise failsafe SEO and SEM strategies for brands and fuel the ascension of websites competing for web prominence. We offer the best digital marketing mix ensuring scalable digital marketing solutions to our clients.

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Services we offer – A quick glance
  • Website review and analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting
  • Link building
  • Social media marketing
  • Local SEO

Search engine marketing - How it can help in sales?

Do you ever think about a website as a cyber storefront or as a virtual address of a brand? Just like visitors who step into your office or shop or studio every day, your website can also be visited by people every day.

The key objective of any search site optimizer is to drive web traffic to your website (your virtual storefront) and to increase the visibility of your website for that sole purpose.

We at Horizon Info Solutions not only drive traffic to websites but also target specific demographic sections after conducting deep research and analysis preceding the optimization of each and every website.

As a result, our clients are targeted with a significant amount of web traffic which eventually converts into sales leads.

What are our search marketing professionals up to?
  • Building backlinks through articles/blogs/guest after submission to several high-traffic and high-PageRank websites
  • Building and managing social media profiles in order to create brand awareness
  • Engaging in forum discussions, blog commenting
  • Press release writing, distribution, and syndication upon creating a buzz
  • On-site SEO analysis and keyword research

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is the ultimate foundation for any search marketing campaign. Without a connecting to the millions of prospective customers who are always spending their time sending tweets, texts and socializing every moment in the virtual sphere, you cannot simply hit the right spot.

We have a social media campaign at the very heart of any search engine optimization package that we are offering. We help create your business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere, and also spread the word about your brand across all social media channels to help you stay connected with your most prospective buyers, 24/7 and right on the go.

We will even post, share, retweet your company news, product updates etc. And besides that, we will ensure you get what you most crave for, and on top of it, social media fans and followers.

Keyword Analysis Services

Horizon Info Solutions offers a host of keyword analysis services for its newly launched websites as well as those that have been started off a long while back.

We will try to understand more about your business, what promises you want to be delivered and most importantly, which location you are targeting for your business and also the targeted customer demographics as well.

Based on what is your input and our analysis is, we can help you find the best keywords to target and help you run your digital marketing campaign.

We use cutting-edge tools for keyword research such as the Google Keyword research Tool and also a complex set of proprietary tools that help find the best keywords to be targeted.

Keyword analysis – The stepping stone for a sustainable digital prominence
  • Conduct research to find the most searched and the most beneficial keywords
  • Conduct extensive research for finding contextual keywords and local keywords meant for local SEO purposes
  • Finding keywords for PPC campaigns
  • Keyword metrics report

Pay Per Click Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC or CPC have commonly used abbreviations) is a form of advertising offered by major search engine firms such as Google and Bing.

Search giants such as Google have set the price limit for each click on a specific keyword based on the competitiveness of a keyword, its local and global search volume etc. PPC campaigns are in need of a solid planning and keywords and therefore should be chosen carefully and wisely.

If keywords are not chosen strategically, you will soon feel that you are in the middle of a mess. We attach the highest importance to your returns for every dollar spent. We also install tracking tools and set up PPC campaigns in such a way so that you do not just get web traffic, but the clicks get converted into purchases.

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Web Promotions

Leaving apart the above-mentioned search engine optimization and marketing services, we also offer a full set of web promotion services such as YouTube Marketing, Facebook ad management etc. A full list of the services offered by us can be found below:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Sales page and landing page writing services

Have you started the process of optimizing and thought of promoting your website yet? If not, feel free to contact us anytime so that we can discuss, analyze and collaborate what is necessary for your business's broad-spectrum growth.

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