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When hazardous chemicals are used as part of everyday operations, employers are required to supply breathable compressed air via an airline from an external source. To ensure that workers are not exposed to dangerous gases, supplied air must meet the standards as specified in Australian and New Zealand Standard 1715 and must be regularly tested for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oil, Water and Oxygen.
Contamination in compressor supplied air can be a serious health risk. Compressor breathing air quality testing provide confidence to the workers required to use supplied air respirators.


Safe Air Testing Australia offer a simple, fast and cost effective solution to ensuring your equipment not only meets the Australian Standards but ensures that your employees are safe while working. We come to you during a suitable time and limit any interruption to operations.

Our technicians can help you with resolving any identified issues that may arise with the breathing apparatus used in your operations. Testing can be undertaken for industrial breathing air systems such as air hoods used for spray booths, airline systems used in confined spaces or welding and asbestos removal work.

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SATA is also exploring further opportunities within the testing of compressed air in scuba tanks in relation to Australian Standard 2299.1, 3.13 Breathing Gas Quality.

For all first time clients of Safe Air Testing Australia, we will conduct the first testing appointment for only $99.95! That includes full testing and compliance certificates for your required breathing equipment.

Safe Air Testing Australia services all Melbourne and surrounding suburb locations. Please CONTACT US to confirm your area is serviced by our technicians.