2017-07-10 (5)

Secure Destruction of Digital Media Storage devices in South-East QLD

While Security Shred specialises in the secure destruction of paper and documentation, we realise that in today’s modern world, it is not only paper documents that need secure disposal.

Digital media storage devices such as hard drives, back-up tapes and USB storage devices can potentially store millions of important and confidential documents like records of your entire company or organisation from its’ very inception – Failure to carefully manage the secure destruction of all these types of media could have catastrophic consequences on your business, your clients or you individually.

Why Destroy Your Hard Drive and Digital Media?

The use of digital media is ever growing. Security Shred can tailor a destruction solution to keep up with today’s ever-changing needs. If you want to ensure absolute security when disposing of your hard drives and other digital media, simply wiping or sanitising the data is not enough. Whiles ‘wiping’ systems and programmes have become very sophisticated, only physical hard drive destruction y shredding can truly guarantee that you information cannot be retrieved.

Why Choose Security Shred ?

Since 1999, Security Shred Australia has been Queensland’s most secure solution for not only confidential document destruction, but destruction of all sensitive data. Being a locally owned, Australian business; not part of a larger subsidiary, gives us all the flexibility to tailor a service specifically designed to cater for your needs. We take great pride in offering the most secure and cost effective services available for all Queensland businesses, Government departments and housholds.

Digital Media We Can Destroy

Security Shred’s media destruction services are not only limited to hard drives. Other compact storage units such as data back-up tapes, video and audio tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, floppy disks, Blue Ray’s, USB storage memory sticks and even old Micro–fiche must all be securely destroyed once you no longer require them.

If you require secure disposal of digital media storage device in South-East QLD, please contact us now on 1800 613 366 or get a free online quote today.