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The Company

A company founded upon many years experience in the electronic security product development and distribution sector, Veracity Security Solutions provides technology-based solutions to help clients protect premises, people and products.

Veracity has secured the distribution rights in Southern Africa for the FMTec range of transit containers and tracking software and Strops Technologies surveillance systems. Initially, these precision-built, high-security products form the cornerstones of the Veracity products and services line-up.

Drawing on solid reputation in the regional security industry, the Veracity management are building a portfolio of industry-leading products that have an acknowledged global reputation for performance and reliability.

  • The electronic security product
  • Development and distribution sector
  • Veracity Security Solutions
  • Provides technology-based
  • Clients protect premises
  • Transit containers
  • Tracking software
  • Strops Technologies
  • Surveillance systems
  • High-security products

Company philosophy

Our philosophy of offering the best products supported by the best service is clearly reflected in our product selection, infrastructure, after-sales support and our employees, whose skill and dedication provide us with a credible competitive advantage.

We carefully select top manufacturers who only produce products that perform to optimum standards of performance. We do not accept lesser standards, as this will compromise our reputation. And we provide full technical support for all our offerings.

One of Veracity’s strengths is its management and workforce. All our employees are security vetted and our installation and support engineers are fully trained to meet rigorous industry standards. Needless to say we are committed to providing customers with a superior quality of performance at every touch point in our company.


Analytical Ability

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Writing Ability

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Project Management

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Technological Affinity

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