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Make your security observing more convenient!

STROPS Technologies Ltd. is proud to announce that we have launched our first Add On for STROPS AVS users to make opperation more easy. Now you are able to do several surveillance things in the same window for all your STROPS cameras, like: exact STROPS AVS location on map GPS coordinates SoC (State of Charge)…


FMTec’s SECOLO lock now also used with cargo bikes

The electronic RFID lock SECOLO SL1001 also protects the content of transport containers on cargo bikes! Berlin: The company Urban-e (www.urban-e.com), which is specialized on cargo bikes, uses the electronic RFID lock SECOLO SL1001 from FMTec to safely lock the containers on their cargo bikes. Urban-e has not only found compelling the adjustable security functions,…


Basler Insurance recommends FMTec Toolbox and Materials Container

Reduce your insurance premium by using our SECOLO toolboxes! The Basler Insurance is one of the largest insurers of handicraft enterprises and provides not only the tailor-made insurance in that area but also gives advice on damage prevention. Theft of expensive machinery and materials from construction sides and company cars causes considerable damage. While most…


Manufacturer of security features protects his products with FMTec security containers

Mobile security containers protect sensitive raw materials and finished products by directly reporting alarms to the security center! Security features for paper money, credit cards, identification cards etc. – One can imagine that also criminal organizations have an interest in such products. Therefore, the Austrian company has established highest security standards in theft protection encompassing…


FMTec Locking Systems Secure Cargo-Bike Transports

The Cargo-Bike has developed to become the e-Cargo-Bike, which makes its application even more efficient. Due to the electrical engine higher weight can be transported with higher speed. The range of  transportable  goods encompasses e.g.  parcels, documents or articles of value which have to be moved around. In any case security constitutes  an integral  part.…