When classified, valuable or sensitive items must retain their integrity during transportation, clients put their trust in Veracity. For the first time, Veracity brings highly cost-effective valuables-in-transit integrity to businesses and governments throughout the region.

Seloco intelligent mobile security containers and wireless monitoring systems that have an enviable worldwide reputation for guaranteeing the integrity of security-critical items in transit.

Enormously robust, these security containers offer the best protection for every application – and of course every application has its own container requirement. That’s why we offer a wide range of standard sizes and types of container to cover most client needs — other sizes and types can be custom-manufactured for specific requirements.

All containers feature an electronic locking system with an in-built passive RFID reader that integrates with contactless smart cards, wireless communication, location sensors and a series of other optional performance features. The unique locking technology ensures smooth operation, even in cases where the container has been damaged or deformed, and after years of use.

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