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Since Tanya Beauty Care first opened in 2006, we strive for customer satisfaction. With our friendly and professional team, we aim to provide you with the most rewarding experience. At our salon, we specialise in cosmetic make up including; eyebrow feathering, lip and eyeliner tattooing, as well as other procedures including, eyebrow sculpting and tinting treatments, skin needling, oxygen treatment and lash lifting.

Tanya Do was only 19 when she started her career as a beauty therapist and make-up artist and opened her own salon in 2006 known as Tanya Make Up and Beauty Care. Her passion for enhancing individuals’ beauty and confidence paved her way towards advancing into the cosmetic tattoo industry, specialising in eyebrows.

Tanya believes that eyebrows are one of the most influential features in transforming a person’s face shape. With this basis as her core belief, Tanya strives to create some of the most defining sets of brows, delivered and catered in consideration of every distinctive aspect of an individual’s facial feature. Through her 10 years of experience in the industry, Tanya has designed, created and framed over 1000 sets of brows.

Today, Tanya is an Advanced Accredited Cosmetic Tattooist specialising in eyebrow feathering, as well as a cosmetic tattoo/semi-permanent make up trainer and certified laser technician.