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Eyeliner Tattoing

Asymmetry is very common in lips and can be easily corrected with using semi-permanent makeup to help create a more harmonious and balanced appearance to the face.
Cosmetic tattooing is perfect way to transform thin or uneven lips or lips that have lost fullness and shape with age and in need of volume restoration. A colour is selected from huge range of fabulous shades to either blend with your natural lip or match your favourite lipstick colour.
In our youth lips are soft, full and have a great natural tone. As the ageing process begins we start to lose the shape, contour, fullness and colour of our lips. Lips have become a trend all on their own since Angelina Jolie made her mark in the media. Permanent makeup can enhance your current lip shape or lip shade. It can also re-shape lips, visually increase the size of lips and adjust the shade. Fuller lips can be achieved without the use of fillers using permanent makeup, however if you currently use fillers you may still want to define your lip borders and enhance your overall lip colour.
Important Notes
If you suffer or are prone to cold sores breakouts at present or anytime in the past you will need to use an anti-herpes breakout medication for a period of up to 1 week after lip treatment.
Aftercare advice and post procedure treatment will be given to you on the day, and a follow up appointment will be made for approximately 8 weeks later.

You can be sure that all equipment used is state of the art, and that all needles come in a single, sterile one time use package. Hygiene and safety is of outmost priority for client as well as the technician.